Frequently Asked Questions

We set out below some the most common questions which are asked; these mainly relate to residential properties but some are equally relevant to commercial premises.

Why should I have a survey?

You are probably making the biggest single investment of your life so far and, in order to do so, you need to be absolutely certain of the condition of the property.  You should carefully consider the fact that a mortgage valuation is only intended to provide a lending decision and will not fully evaluate issues which may be of concern to you now, or become of concern in the future!

What kind of survey would you recommend?

This will depend upon the age, type and construction of the property and also what plans you have in mind with it.  Please refer to “Residential Services” for detailed information or please telephone or e-mail us for specific advice.

When should I instruct you?

Timing is a critical issue and is a factor that is rarely considered carefully.  We do recommend that you instruct us as soon as your offer has been accepted, subject to contract, and we will then liaise with the vendor or selling agent, as appropriate, to arrange an inspection.  However, we strongly recommend that the inspection is undertaken once your solicitors have received the draft legal documentation on your purchase/letting to ensure that matters are proceeding smoothly before you incur any additional costs.

What information do you need?

When you decide to instruct us to carry out a survey or valuation, all we require is your details; those of the property which you are looking to purchase and the means by which we can gain access to inspect the property. If you require a schedule of condition or dilapidations of commercial premises, we will need a copy of the lease. We will make all necessary arrangements to inspect the property and confirm these to you.

Do you test the services?

All our surveys consider the service installations, however, our comments are based purely on a visual inspection.  Specialist services are recommended where considered necessary.

Can I meet to discuss the survey/valuation?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the findings of our inspection and, with the vendor’s consent, we are pleased to meet with you on site at the end of the inspection to talk through our initial findings.  We always speak with our clients to discuss these within 24 hours of the inspection and normally the same day.  This helps to clarify any initial issues and, if necessary, to implement any necessary action whilst the written report is being prepared.

Should I send a copy of the report to my Legal Adviser?

We recommend that all reports are forwarded to your legal adviser and, indeed, we will provide you with a second copy of the report for this purpose or gladly forward this to your adviser on your behalf.

If any queries arise after the survey, would you be able to help?

We pride ourselves in providing advice following our initial report as issues can arise that require further advice or investigation.  This is an integral part of the service that we offer. 

Can you recommend builders and/or specialists?

It can be difficult to locate reputable contractors and other specialists unless you have a good knowledge of the locality. We are well placed to provide advice in this matter.