Residential Surveys

Building Surveys

A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property. It is suitable for all properties, especially:

It examines all accessible parts of the property – and you can ask to have specific areas included, so it covers any particular concerns you have about the building.

A Building Survey includes details of:

A Building Survey doesn’t include an open market valuation, but we can provide this separately if you need one. Our reports do include a re-instatement cost for insurance purposes.

RICS HomeBuyer Service

This service is intended for conventional properties which are, for example, built within the last 120 years and in reasonable condition. It doesn't detail every aspect of the property and only focuses on urgent matters needing attention. It’s not usually suitable for properties in need of renovation, or if you’re planning major alterations.

The surveyors main purpose in providing this service is to help you: